Fixed Columns

Permanent support for new home construction.

Designed for permanent building support applications, available in any length up to 12’, AKRON fixed length columns arrive fully assembled to your specifications and fully code compliant.

STANDARD END PLATE USED WITH WOOD BEAMS 41⁄4" x 71⁄2" x .120" thick

"H" PLATE USED WITH STEEL BEAMS 41⁄4" x 71⁄4" x .120" thick

  • 11 gauge COLUMNS available in 3″, 31⁄2″, 4″ OD and 31⁄2″ OD Schedule 40
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating exceeds ASTM-B117-85
  • Choose one plate welded + one plate loose, both plates welded or both plates loose
  • ID labels clearly show size
  • Any length – fixed length columns are available in custom lengths up to 12 feet to fit any need
  • Order column length to fit. (See product list for most popular sizes).

Fixed Length Columns


  • Fully assembled, self-contained unit
  • Constructed of high carbon, heavy duty steel
  • Finished with corrosion-re- sistant powder (exceeds ASTM-B117-85)
    a Available in adjustable lengths up to 12′
  • Poured concrete locks post adjustment permanently

ICC-ESR-1767 Complies with IBC and IRC Building Codes