Turn a 2x4 into an adjustable stud!


Instantly create adjustable bracing or framing support.

Adjust-A-Stud™ is the revolutionary adjustable slip-on stud cap for 2x4 studs. Use it to create instantly adjustable 2x4 bracing or framing support.

Full frame dust control barrier:

  • Home remodeling
  • Interior demolition
  • Drywall/plaster sanding
  • Temporary partition walls
  • Mold remediation
  • Lead paint/asbestos removal
  • Commercial/industrial applications

Instantly create adjustable bracing or framing support.


• Temporary expanding clamps & bracing
• Barricades
• Temporary walls
• Cargo control
• All-purpose “extra hand”
• Full frame dust control barrier

Put real versatility in your toolbag with

➊ 1.5” +/- adjustment range
➋ Height adjustment nut
➌ Thumb lift for quick adjustment
➍ Tightening rod
➎ Padded contact header/footer for damage-free surface


Just CUT a 2x4, slip on Adjust-A-Stud™ and keep on working!

➊ Measure the distance of the opening.
➋ Subtract a minimum of 4” from the length of the 2x4 and cut.
➌ Attach Adjust-A-Stud™ header to one end of the 2x4 and the footer piece to the other end, secure with wood screws.
➍ Position 2x4 in the opening and turn the thumb-nut on the Adjust-A-Stud™ to tighten, finish tightening with the tightening rod.

Load values of this system are strictly dependent upon the load capabilities of the wood 2x4 used. Consult your lumber dealer for load capabilities of the specific wood product used in your project.